Our 10 most popular Facebook posts from 2013

Belated happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2014, but since we’re still in a reminiscing mood about the year that was, here’s a look at our top 10 most popular Facebook posts from 2013! If you missed out on all the fun, it’s not too late to head on over to our Facebook page and give it a like! Because we’re whores!

#1. Drop Dead Dangerous at Komikon 2013
Our most well-liked post turned out to be this photo of us next to the guys from WIP Comics (with whom we shared a table) at Komikon 2013! Read more about that here.

#2. Preview of Drop Dead Dangerous #3
We’re pleased to know a lot of people were apparently looking forward to our latest issue and were pretty happy about finally getting a sneak peek at Drop Dead Dangerous #3!

#3. Mike at the Manila International Book Fair
People were also pretty happy to see Drop Dead Dangerous artist Mike Banting attending the Manila International Book Fair to pimp his new project with Black Ink Comics!

#4. Drop Dead Dangerous #0-#3 from Komikon Indieket
Blogger J. Gi Federizo used this snapshot of her set of signed copies of Drop Dead Dangerous in her post about her experience at Komikon Indieket here!

#5. Mike and Chad at the Komikon Indieket
Drop Dead Dangerous #3 made its debut at the Komikon Indieket and we have photographic evidence to prove it!

#6. Art for art’s sake
Just for fun, some piece of art we posted for our Facebook page! Gotta get them likes!

#7. First look at Drop Dead Dangerous #3
Earlier in the year, we posted the first two pages of our third issue— and people liked what they saw!

#8. Signed, sealed, delivered
Kristopher Garello of Indie Komiks Korner posted this photo of their signed copy of Drop Dead Dangerous #3 soon after calling the series a “must-have!”

#9. 500 likes
We finally got 500 likes on Facebook so we posted about the likes and people liked it! That’s gotta be some MC Escher shit right there.

#10. Zombie Mike and Chad
We posted this for shits and giggles for Halloween without realizing how many people wanted to see us dead and decaying! Um… thanks, everyone?


Photos from Komikon 2013 / Art with Heart

If for some crazy reason you don’t obssesively check our Facebook page every single waking hour, you may have missed these photos from Komikon 2013! So here they are in uber-realistic JPEG format with even more pixels per second! Your eyeballs can thank us later, just know that when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

Also included are a few photos from the Art with Heart fundraiser!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and to our bros at WIPCOMICS for being such bro-some bros! And since you’ve earned it, give yourself an early Christmas present by checking out more of our photos here and here! Truly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

See Drop Dead Dangerous (and more) in this month’s RED Magazine

RED Magazine

Tragically, we were not included in ‘The History of Sexy.’

Drop Dead Dangerous makes an appearance in the September issue of RED Magazine! Check out Jerald Uy’s story on the local comic book scene, “What now, Komiks?” which includes some snippets from an interview with Drop Dead Dangerous’ Chad Cabrera as well as a number of other Philippine creators.

If that’s not sexy enough for you… well, there’s, like, other stuff in there too.

Take out your tissues and have a look at Drop Dead Dangerous and other featured titles in the pages below:

Hot enough for ya? Visit the RED Magazine Facebook page for more info (and saucy pictures) here.

Q&A with writer Chad Cabrera

Chad Cabrera talks about Drop Dead Dangerous, The Monstrous Manhunter and more in this new Q&A with Komiks Reporter Jerald Uy! Jerald writes:

Writer Chad Cabrera, with his collaborator Mike Banting, brought us to a weird, wild west with his first self-published comic book, Drop Dead Dangerous. The 29-year old writer-graphic artist also now dabbles in web comics with The Monstrous Manhunter. I had a chance to talk to him recently on self-publishing and what we, creators, need to work on in our comics.

Check it out at Jerald’s site! A portion of the interview will also be appearing in an upcoming issue of RED Magazine along with more input from some of the country’s established and up-and-coming comics creators.

Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator teases new webcomic project

Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator Chad Cabrera recently unveiled a new solo project entitled The Monstrous Manhunter, a webcomic series starting this June 18. Hey, that’s this coming Tuesday!

Check out the cover image on the right and the teaser page at the bottom! New strips will be uploaded every Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Monstrous Manhunter website.

Keep updated on the strip by liking the Facebook page!

Our first stint at Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

So we finally landed a spot at one of the selling tables at Free Comic Book Day last Saturday, and it may have been the biggest one we’ve seen yet! People sure do love ’em some free comics, as you probably could tell if you were there to brave the long lines in spite of the blistering heat. It’s a wonder how we not only got away with some free comics, but we made it out alive, too! Or did we?

Yes, yes we did. Hence, the photos.

Literally the year’s hottest comic book event! Photo by GTMACC Interactive‘s Kit Perez.

Our humble setup at Free Comic Book Day last Saturday. Thanks to the organizers for having us and everyone who dropped by and picked up Drop Dead Dangerous and Melon!

That’s us with the Punisher! Who looks an awful lot like Dark Chapel of Silent Sanctum Manga.

Budjette Tan

Budjette Tan, co-creator of the uber-popular Trese, took some time out to stop by our table and get his hands on Drop Dead Dangerous!

You can check out more of our photos here or head on over to lifestyle website Kristn.com’s Free Comic Book Day coverage here which has the photo of us below:

Drop Dead Dangerous‘ Chad Cabrera and Mike Banting at Free Comic Book Day! Photo by Charlene Owen. See more at Kristn.com.

George S. of Behold the Geek! has also put up a write-up on the day’s events calling Drop Dead Dangerous his “favorite indie comic find!”

Mike with Sam Gungon. Courtesy of Behold the Geek!

From the blog:

To be honest, I’ve pretty much ignored Pinoy indie komiks for the good part of my comics-reading life, but it took this year’s FCBD to show me what I’ve been missing these past few years… So while it was ironic that I spent money on comics on a day dedicated to free comics, I’m happy that I got to discover new stuff to read that I would have otherwise overlooked. Pinoy indies found a new fan that Saturday afternoon!

The requisite post-Summer Komikon 2013 post

Team Drop Dead Dangerous, Mike and Chad, at the Summer Komikon 2013! Please stop touching yourselves, dudes. Photo by Danry Sequitin Ocampo.

It was hot, hot, hot!

Summer Komikon 2013 finally came last April 13 at the Bayanihan Center! Thanks to everyone who dropped by our spot at the more conservative section that was the Indie Tiangge! Tickets weren’t free but the psychological scarring is priceless. Oh, and also the Slurpee was free, you guys!

Where the action is. Wink, wink. Photo by Dark Chapel.

We didn’t get to hang out with the cool kids in the main hall this time (something about being “a danger to ourselves and to others”) but we still got your eyeballs covered. We hope they’re hungry because this pixtravaganza is a veritable smorgasbord (for your eyeballs)!

WARNING: Objects in images are bigger than they appear. Ladies.

Sam and Mike don’t understand the concept of “tickets.” Also, the line is actually behind them.

That’s our spread. Look but don’t taste!

Drop Dead Dangerous‘ Chad Cabrera doing stuff… things.

Don’t let their looks fool you— behind these sexy exteriors, Silent Sanctum Manga‘s Dark Chapel and Macoy Tang are actual comic creators!

Mike ambushes Ambush Comics‘ Andrew Villar!

MATURE CONTENT WARNING! Chad with Michael David of Kubori Kikiam fame plus other fun-filled activities!

Screw this, I ain’t getting paid (at all) to caption this many nerds in one photo!

Meanwhile, back on the main convention floor, other stuff was happening. Probably.

Won’t anyone please think of the children?! Photo by Dark Chapel.

As always, you can see more of our photos here.

Photos from the first-ever Pinoykon


Pinoy forever! Because that’s how God-given ethnicity works.

We are fresh off our first convention appearance at the first-ever Pinoykon last Saturday and we got the photos right here! Your eyeballs have been warned: sexy, sexy pics of comic creators ahead.

It was a pretty hot day and was about to get a whole lot hotter. See the succeeding pic. 

Drop Dead Dangerous‘ Chad Cabrera and Mike Banting with Silent Sanctum Manga‘s Dark Chapel! Guess which dude’s not wearing pants this time. (Hint: it’s all of them.)

Even the ladies want their Melon! Here’s one getting hers with a free sketch by contributor and Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator Chad Cabrera.

Congratulations to the Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents team of Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo for winning Pinoykon’s Best Comic award! Too bad we had to eat their brains to gain their knowledge but them’s the breaks.

Avert thine eyes from the Melon! Art print by Chad.

For more photos, come hither. ‘Til next time!


Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator talks digital comics with GMA News Online

GMA News

“Beyond Komikon: Young creators bring komiks to life” by Komiks Reporter Jerald Uy
Photo by Earl Victor Rosero

Co-creator Chad Cabrera talks a bit about Drop Dead Dangerous and digital distribution in Komiks Reporter Jerald Uy’s coverage of Komikon 2012. Uy takes a look at the ins and outs of being an independent comic creator in the Philippines with inputs from some of the country’s established and up-and-coming talents.

GMA News Online“Media coverage always tends to go back to the Golden Age of Komiks, the heydays of Darna and Pedro Penduko on the newsstands in the 1950s. While it may be true that the current local comics industry suffers in comparison to the hefty revenues generated before by publishers Gasi and Atlas, the new generation of Filipino comic book creators is still a force to reckon with. With the help of technology, the upstarts combine their youthful creativity with online platforms that may make Mars Ravelo and other komiks legends green with envy.”

Read the full story at GMA News Online or visit the Komiks Reporter site.

Komiks Reporter

The Komikon 2012 post

Komikon 2012

Here it is— the biggest comics event in the country! Komikon 2012 at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig last October 27. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

So, Komikon finally came and went and it was bigger than anything else we’d been to all year. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have fun but, unfortunately, it didn’t come without any drawbacks to a lot of the exhibitors— an alarming number of thefts took place, and people had things that were valuable and just downright irreplaceable taken from them. You can read about just some of those nasty bits of business here and here.

The people who did this probably don’t care, but the exhibitors at these conventions are there for one reason: they love comic books. We’re there to show just how passionate we are about locally-produced content and how we want our comics community to be just as rich and vibrant as it is abroad. For most of us, there’s no money, there’s no fame, there’s not even a goddamned pat on the back at the end of the day. We do it out of love because Lord knows we’re not getting much else out of it.

By all means, go to a comics convention. Have fun. Buy some comics. We want you there. We need you there. But please, if you go to these events for some other selfish intentions, kindly get the fuck out.


And don’t let the guy with the mjolnir hit you on the way out.

There’s already so many factors going against being a comic book creator in the Philippines, a country where people just don’t care about the medium. We don’t need any more stupid bullshit.

With that, rant over. Thanks to everyone who dropped by our table and got copies of Drop Dead Dangerous, Team Tag Team and Melon! Here’s some of our photos from the day:

Team Drop Dead Dangerous

Team Drop Dead Dangerous, left to right: Chad Cabrera, Sam Gungon and Mike Banting

Mike finally gets to meet a childhood hero, Combatron!

Hazel Manzano

As luck would have it, Callwork creator Hazel Manzano won herself the pair of Drop Dead Dangerous sneakers!

Rasel Reyes

Chad and Team Tag Team creator Benj Bartolome like to like Liga ni Likeman‘s Rasel Reyes! In a completely non-sexual way, we assure you.


Mike with Visdei from Meganon ComicsMark 49 Verse 7! Isn’t he supposed to be blind?

Mel Casipit

Oh no. Not this again.

Noel Pascual and Josel Nicolas

Mike hangs out with Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents‘ Noel Pascual and Windmills‘ Josel Nicolas. Also: some other dude.


We can’t figure out what’s going on here. Deadpool-Skeletor and a lady in a fetish catsuit? Comic conventions are confusing, sometimes.


Rorschach was filling in for us from time to time. Every time someone asked for our comic, he looks down and whispers “no.” What a lousy watchman.

And there’s loads more where those came from over at the Melon Facebook page.

Mona: Queen of the BabesOne last thing: our good friends Benj Bartolome and Dark Chapel of Silent Sanctum Manga worked on a short animated video for Komikon which, for some reason, didn’t get shown. It stars Silent Sanctum Manga’s Mona: Queen of the Babes and features appearances from a bunch of other characters from the local indies, including Drop Dead Dangerous! You can enjoy it below and see how many you can spot:

So we guess that’s it for us and comic conventions for this year. We’ll see you all in 2013!

A taste of Melon

Komikon 2012 will see the launch of the new issue of Melona collection of pin-ups featuring some of the most fantastic artists from the Philippine independent comic scene.

The entire Drop Dead Dangerous creative team is on board and we’ve got previews for you of a couple of co-creator Chad Cabrera’s contributions:

See the complete images in the pages of Melon when it comes out this October! For now, here’s a look at a collaboration between Drop Dead Dangerous artists Mike Banting and Sam Gungon which appeared in the first issue:

For more, visit the Melon Facebook page and keep an eye out for your favorite artists making an appearance!


Photos from The Road to GTMACCON 2

The best thing about having a table at a comics convention? Not having to wear pants! Thanks to Mel Casipit for this photo of Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator Mike Banting and Team Tag Team‘s Benj Bartolome!

We had another busy day last Saturday at The Road to GTMACCON 2 held at UP Diliman. GTMACCON stands for Games, Toys, Manga/Anime, Cosplay and Comics Convention, and there was plenty of each! And more! So much more, in fact, that they couldn’t fit everything into the name.

Luckily, we lived to tell the tale and show you our photos! Perhaps more. Ladies.

PROTIP: Aside from hiding your junk, tables are also good for putting stuff you want to sell. 

Mike shares a tender moment with a rather tragic-looking young lady who looks an AWFUL lot like Mukat Comics creator Mel Casipit!

Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator Chad Cabrera (right) and Dark Chapel of Silent Sanctum Manga keep things decidedly platonic! BUT FOR HOW LONG.

Benj and Mike hassle Aha Hule Komiks creator Greco Milambiling! Hands off the merchandise, nerds!

Sitting across from us (left to right): Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents creators AJ Bernardo and Noel Pascual, and Windmills creator Josel Nicolas stare creepily into the distance. Sadly, the pants stayed on the whole day. Why even get a table you guys!

Kapitan Tog creator Freely Abrigo gives his fan a thumbs up for the sweet, sweet papercraft of his titular character. Naturally, we stole it. SOMEDAY WE’LL HAVE FANS TOO, FREELY. And then we’ll see who gets cool stuff… freely.

We were told there’d be cosplayers but we don’t see HOLY SHIT DUDES— A KITTY

You can marvel some more at our awesome physiques over at the Melon Facebook page.

As advertised, The Road to GTMACCONPCPJHUST 2 was indeed a day filled with games, toys, manga, anime, cosplay (allegedly), comics, pantslessness, cats, professional jealousy, homoeroticism and unresolved sexual tension.

In other words: just another day in the life!

Photos from the Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp

Drop Dead Dangerous artist and co-creator Mike Banting stands tall at the Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp held at the Skydome in SM City North EDSA last July 29.

The Oh-No Manga Cosplay Camp was… well, it was a thing that happened. And we were there! And we have photos to prove it!

We knew it was a cosplay event, but this was the best we could do with our costume budget.

Left to right: Drop Dead Dangerous writer Chad Cabrera, artists Sam Gungon and Mike Banting, and Team Tag Team creator Benj Bartolome. Thanks to the Komikon peeps for this photo!

The Drop Dead Dangerous team with Sam donning her hand-sculpted Raven mask! And Mike donning a pencil.

Mike and Sam hanging out at our table with our special guest and fellow independent comic creator Dark Chapel of Silent Sanctum Manga.

Mike with Manila Bulletin cartoonist Freely Abrigo of Kulas Komiks and Kapitan Tog! Freely loves his Melon.

A Drop Dead Dangerous sketch Mike did during the event. We had a lot of downtime.

Dark Chapel was also kind enough to do a sketch of his characters for us! Check out more of his work here.

More photos up on Facebook!

UPDATE: Our friend Vincent Noir has just posted some more photos from the event (including the one below) so head over his site and check them out! He’s got a ton of cool shots of cosplayers who are probably more attractive than us!


Drop Dead Dangerous at the Komikon Indieket

The crowds gather at the Bayanihan Center for the 1st Komikon Indieket, sure to be the country’s biggest independent comics event of the year!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by our table at the Komikon Indieket last Saturday! We had a total blast meeting people, signing books, hanging out with our awesome pals from Callous Comics and WIP Comics, and, most of all, making the day’s top sellers’ list. Check out some of our photos from the event below:

Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator Mike Banting is happy to sign some books!

Callous Comics’ Cal Duck dons the Raven mask from Drop Dead Dangerous and the WIP Comics Heavyweight Championship (which is totally legit, you guys)!

You don’t mess with Drop Dead Dangerous artist Sam Gungon (left) and writer Chad Cabrera. Those WIP Comics guys learned that the HARD way!

Handsome dudes from left to right: Team Tag Team creator Benj Bartolome, WIP Comics’ Hub Pacheco and Callous Comics’ Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan!

The Komikon Indieket organizers announce the day’s top sellers with us at the number 11 spot! Thanks again to everyone who picked up Drop Dead Dangerous, Team Tag Team and Melon!

What’s on the table for Komikon Indieket

As we previously mentionedDrop Dead Dangerous will be at the 1st Komikon Indieket this July 14, so if you haven’t confirmed your attendance yet, now is the time!

                                                                                                  Early attendees will receive a free catalog listing all the comics available at the show courtesy of the organizers. Find out what else they’ve got here.

You can find us at table I15 hanging out with the fine gentlemen from Callous Comics and Work in Progress, so you’re definitely gonna wanna drop by! And since it’s near the entrance, you can’t miss it!

That said, here’s what we’ve got in store for you!
                                                                                                                                             The first three issues of Drop Dead Dangerous will be available with the entire team of Chad  Cabrera, Mike Banting and Sam Gungon on hand to sign them for you…                                         

…along with Team Tag Team creator Benj Bartolome whose first two issues come in the same books. You can get a preview of sorts for it below:

We’ll also be selling a pin-up collection called Melon we put together with a whole slew of artists from the Philippine independent scene. Take a look at the cover and list of contributors below, which should include some of your favorites! Many of them will also be at the Indieket and can readily sign your copies.

Some of the images from this collection will be sold as art prints (including this one) that we’ll gladly sign!

Lastly, some of our buyers will also receive a copy of Reset, a standalone comic by Benj and Mike, as a freebie to go with their purchases.

If that’s not enough, you can expect our co-exhibitors to bring more cool stuff to the table. After all, they’re only two of the most popular webcomics in the country!

                                                                           Aside from his books, Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan, creator of Callous, will be bringing some extra goodies which you can check out over at his blog.

So, there you have it! See you this Saturday!

Decapitated Dan sits down with Drop Dead Dangerous creators

Decapitated DanDrop Dead Dangerous
Horror comics journalist and disembodied head extraordinaire Decapitated Dan recently interviewed Drop Dead Dangerous writer Chad Cabrera and artist Mike Banting.

You can check out the lengthy piece at his site here or at From the Tomb Magazine.

UPDATE: The interview is now also available at Comic Related.


The Blob talks Drop Dead Dangerous with writer Chad Cabrera

Blob Shack has posted an interview with Drop Dead Dangerous writer Chad Cabrera about the comic, his influences and more! The Blob also shares some thoughts on the series and details about the Kindle release of Drop Dead Dangerous – Volume 1:

The Blob“What I can tell you is that the art, courtesy of Mike Banting is amazing and fresh with many manga influences including Katshiro Otomo (Akira) and Osamu Tezuka (Astroboy) and the writing style and characters are haunting. There’s tragedy and suspense surrounding the lead character, a serial killer hunting her and the tide of fly-covered bodies that pile up between the two.”

Read the rest  and the full interview here.