Blink and you’ll miss it


Drop Dead Dangerous makes a seconds-long appearance in this short feature on the Philippine comics scene by GMA News. It’s really about a bunch of other people, but hey! We’ll take what we can get.

Fame and fortune, here we come! Watch the entire segment (in Tagalog) below:

If that all-too-brief brush with the national news wasn’t enough for you, here’s another piece (also from GMA News) from a couple years ago actually let us put a few words in.


Komikon for Dummies (Reblog)

In case you haven’t heard (though you most certainly have) Komikon 2014 is happening this November 15! With less than a couple weeks away, we figured we’d do you guys a service by re-blogging J. Gi Federizo’s excellent “Komikon for Dummies” entry from back in August. Enjoy the read, know what to expect from the biggest comics event in the country, and we’ll see you there!

The End Justifies the Journey


Last Saturday, August 2, was 2014’s Indieket Day or the Independent Komiks Market event of the local Komikon, the Philippines’ own comics convention. Indieket  is the second of three bigger Komikon events held annually, the other two being the Summer Komikon (keyword: summer) and the regular one usually held November or December (my friend Sherwin The Kraken tries to call it the Winter Komikon, nevermind that we have no winter). Other often smaller but equally special conventions happen in provinces once in a while, too, like in Cebu, Baguio and, recently, Iloilo.

I’ve been attending these three Komikons a few years now and *BIG SIGH* last Saturday, I was absent. For the first time after I began patronizing the once-again blooming comics industry, I missed an event. *MORE SIGHS* For more personal reasons that can actually be elaborated some other time, I stayed home instead and got busy.

Well, comics-related events…

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Vote for Drop Dead Dangerous (Komikon Readers’ Choice Awards)

Voting has officially begun for the Fourth Philippine Komikon Readers’ Choice Awards with Drop Dead Dangerous nominated under the “Best Graphic Novel (Grassroots)” category!


You can vote for us (or any of your other favorites) either by logging into your Google account and filling out this form or via Facebook here. Voting is until November 3.

Drop Dead Dangerous nominated for Komikon Readers’ Choice Awards

Drop Dead Dangerous has been nominated for the The Fourth Komikon Readers’ Choice Awards! Big thanks to everyone who helped put us in the running for the second consecutive time! Voting details (as well as the other nominees) should be announced soon, so be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Winners will be announced at Komikon 2014 on November 15 at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig. Visit the Komikon website or the Facebook event page for more info.

Free Comic Book Day 2014

Drop Dead Dangerous‘ Chad Cabrera and Mike Banting will be among nearly 100 comic creators participating in this year’s Free Comic Book Day at Comic Odyssey! Visit the store’s branch at the Fort this Saturday, pick up some free comics, get sketches from your favorite artists and buy all sorts of stuff at discounted prices!

You may wanna get there early though so you can snag a copy of Comic Odyssey’s exclusive comic giveaway (check out the cover below), an anthology which includes a new story from the creators of Drop Dead Dangerous!

For more info, go to the Free Comic Book Day event page on Facebook.

Get Drop Dead Dangerous at Summer Komikon 2014

Summer Komikon is almost upon us and it’s literally gonna be the hottest event of the summer! And by “literally” we mean “metaphorically.” Because really, it’s been pretty cloudy lately. So, you know, bring an umbrella or something.

What you shouldn’t bring though are the rainy day blues (as though they were a physical thing that you could theoretically bring around) because we’ll literally be there (not metaphorically) to set the house on fire (metaphorically)! Drop Dead Dangerous will be available for con-goers of all shapes and sizes. Check out our nifty promo.


For more details, visit the Komikon website or the Facebook event page.

Read Drop Dead Dangerous #0 at Premiere Manga Hub

png-1For those of you who are new to the series and have yet to check out an issue, get started with Drop Dead Dangerous #0, which may now be read online for free at Premiere Manga Hub along with a whole slew of local titles!

Share the page with your friends and get them hooked— they’ll thank you later (probably)!

The issue has also been available online at Graphicly, but if digital comics is more your thing, you can also download it for free at DrivethruComics.

‘Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!’ and ‘Shortcuts’ make bestsellers lists

Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!, an educational comic book illustrated by Drop Dead Dangerous artist Mike Banting came in at #9 in Powerbooks Store‘s bestsellers’ list of Philippine publications in January. Check out the full list below:


Mike also did the artwork for the story “Fearless,” which appeared as part of an anthology from Black Ink Comics entitled Shortcuts. The book was listed #7 in the publisher’s top 10 bestsellers for the same month:


Both titles are available in bookstores nationwide and you can expect another from Black Ink Comics featuring Mike in the coming months!

Indie Comix reviews Drop Dead Dangerous #2

Indie ComiX has got a brand-spanking new review of Drop Dead Dangerous #2 courtesy of reviewer Derrick Crow! He says:

“Two, technically three, issues in and I can’t help but be impressed by the sheer amount of story that takes place in each issue…The writer and artist both feel in sync with this book, and I am really enjoying the character designs.”

Read the full review here! And, in case you missed them the first time, don’t forget to check out the site’s reviews of the first two issues here and here.

Drop Dead Dangerous gets featured at GTMACC Interactive

All this week, Drop Dead Dangerous will be gracing the cover image for the GTMACC Interactive Facebook page which you should totally join if you’re looking to touch base with the local geek scene. Our thanks to GTMACC founder Kit Perez for making it happen!

Read about the last time the last time the group put the spotlight on Drop Dead Dangerous here or check out Mike Banting’s featured artwork below.

The Raven - small features new book illustrated by Mike Banting

comics-cover has posted a feature story on “Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!” a new educational comic book illustrated by Drop Dead Dangerous artist Mike Banting! From the site:

A new kind of “komiks” (comic book) has emerged, standing on the power of illustrated stories and uncluttered storytelling to move people to do well with their finances.

Dennis Dizon, Malaya Mendoza-Sadiwa and Mike Banting said their project, the comic book “Ka Ching! Ka Ching!,” aims to teach every Filipino how to manage, budget and invest their hard-earned money.

Launched in September at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City, the 115-page “komiks” is sold at P150 by direct sellers while National Bookstore outlets sell it for P190. Distributors can get the comic book at P100 each, provided they get a set of 20.

Continue reading here!

Our 10 most popular Facebook posts from 2013

Belated happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2014, but since we’re still in a reminiscing mood about the year that was, here’s a look at our top 10 most popular Facebook posts from 2013! If you missed out on all the fun, it’s not too late to head on over to our Facebook page and give it a like! Because we’re whores!

#1. Drop Dead Dangerous at Komikon 2013
Our most well-liked post turned out to be this photo of us next to the guys from WIP Comics (with whom we shared a table) at Komikon 2013! Read more about that here.

#2. Preview of Drop Dead Dangerous #3
We’re pleased to know a lot of people were apparently looking forward to our latest issue and were pretty happy about finally getting a sneak peek at Drop Dead Dangerous #3!

#3. Mike at the Manila International Book Fair
People were also pretty happy to see Drop Dead Dangerous artist Mike Banting attending the Manila International Book Fair to pimp his new project with Black Ink Comics!

#4. Drop Dead Dangerous #0-#3 from Komikon Indieket
Blogger J. Gi Federizo used this snapshot of her set of signed copies of Drop Dead Dangerous in her post about her experience at Komikon Indieket here!

#5. Mike and Chad at the Komikon Indieket
Drop Dead Dangerous #3 made its debut at the Komikon Indieket and we have photographic evidence to prove it!

#6. Art for art’s sake
Just for fun, some piece of art we posted for our Facebook page! Gotta get them likes!

#7. First look at Drop Dead Dangerous #3
Earlier in the year, we posted the first two pages of our third issue— and people liked what they saw!

#8. Signed, sealed, delivered
Kristopher Garello of Indie Komiks Korner posted this photo of their signed copy of Drop Dead Dangerous #3 soon after calling the series a “must-have!”

#9. 500 likes
We finally got 500 likes on Facebook so we posted about the likes and people liked it! That’s gotta be some MC Escher shit right there.

#10. Zombie Mike and Chad
We posted this for shits and giggles for Halloween without realizing how many people wanted to see us dead and decaying! Um… thanks, everyone?

New Drop Dead Dangerous fan art by indie artists

1473005_10201085428726344_247209424_nA couple of our favorite artists from the local indie scene have been kind enough over the holidays to gift us with their own renditions of characters from Drop Dead Dangerous and with awesome results!

First up, we got Jojo Lopez of Peligro Komiks making our Christmas sexier with the sensational piece below! Now that’s naughty and nice.1467343_10201085352604441_1014078341_n

You may wanna hide the kids for this next one as Dark Chapel of Silent Sanctum Manga brings us his own brand of NSFW goodness! You may remember Mr. Chapel from this other fabulous piece of art he bestowed upon us a couple years back. Check out more from this recent batch of hotness here.


So thanks a bunch to these awesome dudes for closing out our year with a bang!

Photos from Komikon 2013 / Art with Heart

If for some crazy reason you don’t obssesively check our Facebook page every single waking hour, you may have missed these photos from Komikon 2013! So here they are in uber-realistic JPEG format with even more pixels per second! Your eyeballs can thank us later, just know that when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

Also included are a few photos from the Art with Heart fundraiser!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and to our bros at WIPCOMICS for being such bro-some bros! And since you’ve earned it, give yourself an early Christmas present by checking out more of our photos here and here! Truly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

‘Art with Heart’ to raise funds for typhoon victims

Art by JL8 creator Yale Stewart

Close to 50 comic book creators (including Drop Dead Dangerous’ Mike Banting) will be participating in the “Art with Heart” fundraiser for the benefit of the victims of the recent typhoon. The event is this Saturday at Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street.

Commission a sketch, purchase merchandise, and participate in the silent auction featuring many beautiful Original Comic Art pieces donated by both artists as well as comic fans. There will also be special art prints for sale at this event, created by our talented comic artists.

All proceeds raised during the event will go to the GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION for the benefit of Super Typhoon Yolanda victims .

Find out more at the Facebook event page or at the Fully Booked website.

Poster by Fully Booked

Drop Dead Dangerous at Komikon 2013

Come get some!

Drop Dead Dangerous will be at Komikon 2013 and, no doubt about it, it’s gonna be the biggest local comics event of the year! We say that every year because it’s true. And we’ll be there! It’s Komikon, you guys. Get your comics on.

Komikon 2013 posterThe 9th Annual Philippine Comics Convention is taking place this Saturday at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City, and you can confirm your attendance and get more info on the specifics at the Facebook event page. You can also visit the Komikon website or check out the poster on the left.

We’ll be at table B62, which you can find in the floor plan below (click to embiggen). Find your way around the main hall using the directory here.

Make sure to visit every single table because we’ll know if you didn’t! There’ll be a quiz after. For reals.

Komikon 2013 floorplan

All issues of Drop Dead Dangerous will be available at our table and more (and by “more” we mean lap dances way, way more)! So if you’ve been missing out all this time, here’s your chance to get the whole series thus far!


If for some strange reason you (or your friends!) still aren’t convinced, you can find some totally awesome people saying nice things about Drop Dead Dangerous here or hereYou can also check out previews of all of our issues here.

For instant updates or if you’d like to get in touch, like us on Facebook or follow us on TwitterSee y’all at Komikon 2013!

UPDATE: Thanks to Komikon Indieket for sharing this post in the November 15 issue of Filipino Indie Comics Daily! Read it here.

See Drop Dead Dangerous (and more) in this month’s RED Magazine

RED Magazine

Tragically, we were not included in ‘The History of Sexy.’

Drop Dead Dangerous makes an appearance in the September issue of RED Magazine! Check out Jerald Uy’s story on the local comic book scene, “What now, Komiks?” which includes some snippets from an interview with Drop Dead Dangerous’ Chad Cabrera as well as a number of other Philippine creators.

If that’s not sexy enough for you… well, there’s, like, other stuff in there too.

Take out your tissues and have a look at Drop Dead Dangerous and other featured titles in the pages below:

Hot enough for ya? Visit the RED Magazine Facebook page for more info (and saucy pictures) here.

Mike Banting in Black Ink’s upcoming comic anthology

This month, Black Ink Comics will be releasing the new comic anthology Shortcuts which features a story illustrated by Drop Dead Dangerous artist Mike Banting and written by Nald Tabuzo.

The book will be available at the 34th Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia this September 11-15. For more details, visit the Black Ink Comics Facebook page.

Flipgeeks previews Drop Dead Dangerous #3

In case you didn’t get to go to Indieket 2013 last August 10 where we launched Drop Dead Dangerous #3, FlipGeeks has got you covered with a taste of just what you missed out on!

Here’s the synopsis:

The Wild West is about to get wilder as the Raven returns in this exciting new chapter of Drop Dead Dangerous— and he’s brought some friends along with him! Take a glimpse into his dark past and witness the birth of evil while Alice tries to sort through the madness only to find that each new revelation raises more questions than answers!

Check out the preview of the issue at FlipGeeks or view our Facebook album here.