Drop Dead Dangerous #0DROP DEAD DANGEROUS #0


Particularly for a notorious serial killer known as “The Raven” who has seemingly come back from the dead to exact his vengeance. Old wounds reopen and it’s up to a wayward detective and his newfound partner to uncover the murderer’s identity— before the corpses pile up between them and the truth.

The body count starts here.


Drop Dead Dangerous #1DROP DEAD DANGEROUS #1


They thought it was over. They were wrong. Back on the hunt for the maniacal figure known as The Raven, private detective Jack Smith must face a nightmare from his past— but not all is as it seems. A new evil comes to town as he and his dumbstruck partner Alice, a young woman with secrets of her own, get tangled in a web of deception without realizing that the most dangerous truths are the ones they keep from each other. Meanwhile, The Raven paints the town red as the clock starts ticking for a final showdown in this debut issue of DROP DEAD DEAD DANGEROUS.


Drop Dead Dangerous #2DROP DEAD DANGEROUS #2


Jack and Alice find themselves at an impasse when their client is found dead and their own personal demons start to emerge. The Raven continues his prowl and ominous signs accompany his return. Meanwhile, new players reveal themselves and war breaks out in the unsuspecting town.




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Blink and you’ll miss it


Drop Dead Dangerous makes a seconds-long appearance in this short feature on the Philippine comics scene by GMA News. It’s really about a bunch of other people, but hey! We’ll take what we can get.

Fame and fortune, here we come! Watch the entire segment (in Tagalog) below:

If that all-too-brief brush with the national news wasn’t enough for you, here’s another piece (also from GMA News) from a couple years ago actually let us put a few words in.

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