Komikon for Dummies (Reblog)

In case you haven’t heard (though you most certainly have) Komikon 2014 is happening this November 15! With less than a couple weeks away, we figured we’d do you guys a service by re-blogging J. Gi Federizo’s excellent “Komikon for Dummies” entry from back in August. Enjoy the read, know what to expect from the biggest comics event in the country, and we’ll see you there!

The End Justifies the Journey


Last Saturday, August 2, was 2014’s Indieket Day or the Independent Komiks Market event of the local Komikon, the Philippines’ own comics convention. Indieket  is the second of three bigger Komikon events held annually, the other two being the Summer Komikon (keyword: summer) and the regular one usually held November or December (my friend Sherwin The Kraken tries to call it the Winter Komikon, nevermind that we have no winter). Other often smaller but equally special conventions happen in provinces once in a while, too, like in Cebu, Baguio and, recently, Iloilo.

I’ve been attending these three Komikons a few years now and *BIG SIGH* last Saturday, I was absent. For the first time after I began patronizing the once-again blooming comics industry, I missed an event. *MORE SIGHS* For more personal reasons that can actually be elaborated some other time, I stayed home instead and got busy.

Well, comics-related events…

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3 thoughts on “Komikon for Dummies (Reblog)

  1. No problem! By the way, I think there’s something wrong with your cover image— it’s not loading. It may be linked to an image that’s no longer there.

    Anyway, we’ll see you at Komikon!
    — Chad


  2. Thanks for the heads up! I updated it already and didn’t just link to the image so that when they change it, it won’t disappear again. Sayang lang di yata ma-update ang change dito…

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