Our 10 most popular Facebook posts from 2013

Belated happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2014, but since we’re still in a reminiscing mood about the year that was, here’s a look at our top 10 most popular Facebook posts from 2013! If you missed out on all the fun, it’s not too late to head on over to our Facebook page and give it a like! Because we’re whores!

#1. Drop Dead Dangerous at Komikon 2013
Our most well-liked post turned out to be this photo of us next to the guys from WIP Comics (with whom we shared a table) at Komikon 2013! Read more about that here.

#2. Preview of Drop Dead Dangerous #3
We’re pleased to know a lot of people were apparently looking forward to our latest issue and were pretty happy about finally getting a sneak peek at Drop Dead Dangerous #3!

#3. Mike at the Manila International Book Fair
People were also pretty happy to see Drop Dead Dangerous artist Mike Banting attending the Manila International Book Fair to pimp his new project with Black Ink Comics!

#4. Drop Dead Dangerous #0-#3 from Komikon Indieket
Blogger J. Gi Federizo used this snapshot of her set of signed copies of Drop Dead Dangerous in her post about her experience at Komikon Indieket here!

#5. Mike and Chad at the Komikon Indieket
Drop Dead Dangerous #3 made its debut at the Komikon Indieket and we have photographic evidence to prove it!

#6. Art for art’s sake
Just for fun, some piece of art we posted for our Facebook page! Gotta get them likes!

#7. First look at Drop Dead Dangerous #3
Earlier in the year, we posted the first two pages of our third issue— and people liked what they saw!

#8. Signed, sealed, delivered
Kristopher Garello of Indie Komiks Korner posted this photo of their signed copy of Drop Dead Dangerous #3 soon after calling the series a “must-have!”

#9. 500 likes
We finally got 500 likes on Facebook so we posted about the likes and people liked it! That’s gotta be some MC Escher shit right there.

#10. Zombie Mike and Chad
We posted this for shits and giggles for Halloween without realizing how many people wanted to see us dead and decaying! Um… thanks, everyone?


3 thoughts on “Our 10 most popular Facebook posts from 2013

  1. Nice! And thanks for including me/my post in the list. A bit of clarification, though. While we took turns taking pics, the one you included here was taken by my friend Sherwin at his home…Thanks again and more power! See you at the next Komikon! Can’t wait for the next ish!!!


  2. Thanks, Gi! We made the correction 🙂
    This list was actually compiled based on the number of likes each post received on Facebook, so thanks to you and Sherwin for taking the pic!


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