Drop Dead Dangerous at Komikon 2013

Come get some!

Drop Dead Dangerous will be at Komikon 2013 and, no doubt about it, it’s gonna be the biggest local comics event of the year! We say that every year because it’s true. And we’ll be there! It’s Komikon, you guys. Get your comics on.

Komikon 2013 posterThe 9th Annual Philippine Comics Convention is taking place this Saturday at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City, and you can confirm your attendance and get more info on the specifics at the Facebook event page. You can also visit the Komikon website or check out the poster on the left.

We’ll be at table B62, which you can find in the floor plan below (click to embiggen). Find your way around the main hall using the directory here.

Make sure to visit every single table because we’ll know if you didn’t! There’ll be a quiz after. For reals.

Komikon 2013 floorplan

All issues of Drop Dead Dangerous will be available at our table and more (and by “more” we mean lap dances way, way more)! So if you’ve been missing out all this time, here’s your chance to get the whole series thus far!


If for some strange reason you (or your friends!) still aren’t convinced, you can find some totally awesome people saying nice things about Drop Dead Dangerous here or hereYou can also check out previews of all of our issues here.

For instant updates or if you’d like to get in touch, like us on Facebook or follow us on TwitterSee y’all at Komikon 2013!

UPDATE: Thanks to Komikon Indieket for sharing this post in the November 15 issue of Filipino Indie Comics Daily! Read it here.


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