Q&A with writer Chad Cabrera

Chad Cabrera talks about Drop Dead Dangerous, The Monstrous Manhunter and more in this new Q&A with Komiks Reporter Jerald Uy! Jerald writes:

Writer Chad Cabrera, with his collaborator Mike Banting, brought us to a weird, wild west with his first self-published comic book, Drop Dead Dangerous. The 29-year old writer-graphic artist also now dabbles in web comics with The Monstrous Manhunter. I had a chance to talk to him recently on self-publishing and what we, creators, need to work on in our comics.

Check it out at Jerald’s site! A portion of the interview will also be appearing in an upcoming issue of RED Magazine along with more input from some of the country’s established and up-and-coming comics creators.


One thought on “Q&A with writer Chad Cabrera

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