Our first stint at Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

So we finally landed a spot at one of the selling tables at Free Comic Book Day last Saturday, and it may have been the biggest one we’ve seen yet! People sure do love ’em some free comics, as you probably could tell if you were there to brave the long lines in spite of the blistering heat. It’s a wonder how we not only got away with some free comics, but we made it out alive, too! Or did we?

Yes, yes we did. Hence, the photos.

Literally the year’s hottest comic book event! Photo by GTMACC Interactive‘s Kit Perez.

Our humble setup at Free Comic Book Day last Saturday. Thanks to the organizers for having us and everyone who dropped by and picked up Drop Dead Dangerous and Melon!

That’s us with the Punisher! Who looks an awful lot like Dark Chapel of Silent Sanctum Manga.

Budjette Tan

Budjette Tan, co-creator of the uber-popular Trese, took some time out to stop by our table and get his hands on Drop Dead Dangerous!

You can check out more of our photos here or head on over to lifestyle website Kristn.com’s Free Comic Book Day coverage here which has the photo of us below:

Drop Dead Dangerous‘ Chad Cabrera and Mike Banting at Free Comic Book Day! Photo by Charlene Owen. See more at Kristn.com.

George S. of Behold the Geek! has also put up a write-up on the day’s events calling Drop Dead Dangerous his “favorite indie comic find!”

Mike with Sam Gungon. Courtesy of Behold the Geek!

From the blog:

To be honest, I’ve pretty much ignored Pinoy indie komiks for the good part of my comics-reading life, but it took this year’s FCBD to show me what I’ve been missing these past few years… So while it was ironic that I spent money on comics on a day dedicated to free comics, I’m happy that I got to discover new stuff to read that I would have otherwise overlooked. Pinoy indies found a new fan that Saturday afternoon!


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