The requisite post-Summer Komikon 2013 post

Team Drop Dead Dangerous, Mike and Chad, at the Summer Komikon 2013! Please stop touching yourselves, dudes. Photo by Danry Sequitin Ocampo.

It was hot, hot, hot!

Summer Komikon 2013 finally came last April 13 at the Bayanihan Center! Thanks to everyone who dropped by our spot at the more conservative section that was the Indie Tiangge! Tickets weren’t free but the psychological scarring is priceless. Oh, and also the Slurpee was free, you guys!

Where the action is. Wink, wink. Photo by Dark Chapel.

We didn’t get to hang out with the cool kids in the main hall this time (something about being “a danger to ourselves and to others”) but we still got your eyeballs covered. We hope they’re hungry because this pixtravaganza is a veritable smorgasbord (for your eyeballs)!

WARNING: Objects in images are bigger than they appear. Ladies.

Sam and Mike don’t understand the concept of “tickets.” Also, the line is actually behind them.

That’s our spread. Look but don’t taste!

Drop Dead Dangerous‘ Chad Cabrera doing stuff… things.

Don’t let their looks fool you— behind these sexy exteriors, Silent Sanctum Manga‘s Dark Chapel and Macoy Tang are actual comic creators!

Mike ambushes Ambush Comics‘ Andrew Villar!

MATURE CONTENT WARNING! Chad with Michael David of Kubori Kikiam fame plus other fun-filled activities!

Screw this, I ain’t getting paid (at all) to caption this many nerds in one photo!

Meanwhile, back on the main convention floor, other stuff was happening. Probably.

Won’t anyone please think of the children?! Photo by Dark Chapel.

As always, you can see more of our photos here.


3 thoughts on “The requisite post-Summer Komikon 2013 post

  1. Thanks, Gi! Glad you liked our book!

    Nice post 😀 But and the deviantART account you linked to is actually Mike’s 😉

    See you next time!


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