Photos from the first-ever Pinoykon


Pinoy forever! Because that’s how God-given ethnicity works.

We are fresh off our first convention appearance at the first-ever Pinoykon last Saturday and we got the photos right here! Your eyeballs have been warned: sexy, sexy pics of comic creators ahead.

It was a pretty hot day and was about to get a whole lot hotter. See the succeeding pic. 

Drop Dead Dangerous‘ Chad Cabrera and Mike Banting with Silent Sanctum Manga‘s Dark Chapel! Guess which dude’s not wearing pants this time. (Hint: it’s all of them.)

Even the ladies want their Melon! Here’s one getting hers with a free sketch by contributor and Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator Chad Cabrera.

Congratulations to the Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents team of Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo for winning Pinoykon’s Best Comic award! Too bad we had to eat their brains to gain their knowledge but them’s the breaks.

Avert thine eyes from the Melon! Art print by Chad.

For more photos, come hither. ‘Til next time!



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