GTMACC Interactive features Drop Dead Dangerous

Drop Dead Dangerous gets featured on this week’s cover image for the GTMACC Interactive Facebook group! GTMACC stands for Gaming, Toys, Manga, Anime, Cosplay and Comics, so if you’re into any those (and who isn’t?) join the group NOW!

From the page:

GTMACC Interactive is the second facebook group of Barangay GTMACC. It is also created so as to give gamers, cosplayers, toy collectors, manga/anime enthusiasts/ comic book fans, a forum to share their ideas and meet their contemporaries. 

Members of this group are free to plug upcoming events and projects. They can also start discussions with regards to common interests. 
This group is fortunate to have renowned comic book artists, cosplayers, musicians, cartoon dubbers, hobbyists, television personalities, and gamers in its fold. 

The bottom line is this is a celebration of the undeniable creativity of the Filipino and an extensive insight into modern-day pop culture.

Explore. Discuss. Interact.

Special thanks to GTMACC founder Kit Perez!


One thought on “GTMACC Interactive features Drop Dead Dangerous

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