The Komikon 2012 post

Komikon 2012

Here it is— the biggest comics event in the country! Komikon 2012 at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig last October 27. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

So, Komikon finally came and went and it was bigger than anything else we’d been to all year. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have fun but, unfortunately, it didn’t come without any drawbacks to a lot of the exhibitors— an alarming number of thefts took place, and people had things that were valuable and just downright irreplaceable taken from them. You can read about just some of those nasty bits of business here and here.

The people who did this probably don’t care, but the exhibitors at these conventions are there for one reason: they love comic books. We’re there to show just how passionate we are about locally-produced content and how we want our comics community to be just as rich and vibrant as it is abroad. For most of us, there’s no money, there’s no fame, there’s not even a goddamned pat on the back at the end of the day. We do it out of love because Lord knows we’re not getting much else out of it.

By all means, go to a comics convention. Have fun. Buy some comics. We want you there. We need you there. But please, if you go to these events for some other selfish intentions, kindly get the fuck out.


And don’t let the guy with the mjolnir hit you on the way out.

There’s already so many factors going against being a comic book creator in the Philippines, a country where people just don’t care about the medium. We don’t need any more stupid bullshit.

With that, rant over. Thanks to everyone who dropped by our table and got copies of Drop Dead Dangerous, Team Tag Team and Melon! Here’s some of our photos from the day:

Team Drop Dead Dangerous

Team Drop Dead Dangerous, left to right: Chad Cabrera, Sam Gungon and Mike Banting

Mike finally gets to meet a childhood hero, Combatron!

Hazel Manzano

As luck would have it, Callwork creator Hazel Manzano won herself the pair of Drop Dead Dangerous sneakers!

Rasel Reyes

Chad and Team Tag Team creator Benj Bartolome like to like Liga ni Likeman‘s Rasel Reyes! In a completely non-sexual way, we assure you.


Mike with Visdei from Meganon ComicsMark 49 Verse 7! Isn’t he supposed to be blind?

Mel Casipit

Oh no. Not this again.

Noel Pascual and Josel Nicolas

Mike hangs out with Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents‘ Noel Pascual and Windmills‘ Josel Nicolas. Also: some other dude.


We can’t figure out what’s going on here. Deadpool-Skeletor and a lady in a fetish catsuit? Comic conventions are confusing, sometimes.


Rorschach was filling in for us from time to time. Every time someone asked for our comic, he looks down and whispers “no.” What a lousy watchman.

And there’s loads more where those came from over at the Melon Facebook page.

Mona: Queen of the BabesOne last thing: our good friends Benj Bartolome and Dark Chapel of Silent Sanctum Manga worked on a short animated video for Komikon which, for some reason, didn’t get shown. It stars Silent Sanctum Manga’s Mona: Queen of the Babes and features appearances from a bunch of other characters from the local indies, including Drop Dead Dangerous! You can enjoy it below and see how many you can spot:

So we guess that’s it for us and comic conventions for this year. We’ll see you all in 2013!


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