Get Drop Dead Dangerous this Saturday at the Komikon

Komikon is only a couple days away! If you need help getting to the venue, visit the Facebook event page. Once you get there, here’s where you’ll find us:

Komikon floorplan

We’re the red circle. Click to make bigger!

We’ll be selling copies of the first three issues of Drop Dead Dangerous, as well as both issues of Melon, and gladly sign them for you. We’ll sign anything!

Drop Dead Dangerous

Buy these! Buy all of these!

One lucky person will also get to bring home these awesome Drop Dead Dangerous shoes designed by artist Sam Gungon!

Looks like something Dangerous is afoot!

And if our presence isn’t enough to justify the trip, the good folks of Komikon also have a program scheduled for the event.

Komikon program

As if.  You won’t be needing this, ladies.

So if you haven’t picked up Drop Dead Dangerous yet, this Saturday would be the perfect time to do so— especially since it would also be the last time you’ll get to meet us in person for the rest of the year. And nobody doesn’t not want to not do that. Never.

If you already have it,  drop by our table anyway and chat us up! We’ll also have some other stuff in store so see you there!

Drop Dead Dangerous

Our Facebook ad for Komikon. Click and share it!


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