Photos from The Road to GTMACCON 2

The best thing about having a table at a comics convention? Not having to wear pants! Thanks to Mel Casipit for this photo of Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator Mike Banting and Team Tag Team‘s Benj Bartolome!

We had another busy day last Saturday at The Road to GTMACCON 2 held at UP Diliman. GTMACCON stands for Games, Toys, Manga/Anime, Cosplay and Comics Convention, and there was plenty of each! And more! So much more, in fact, that they couldn’t fit everything into the name.

Luckily, we lived to tell the tale and show you our photos! Perhaps more. Ladies.

PROTIP: Aside from hiding your junk, tables are also good for putting stuff you want to sell. 

Mike shares a tender moment with a rather tragic-looking young lady who looks an AWFUL lot like Mukat Comics creator Mel Casipit!

Drop Dead Dangerous co-creator Chad Cabrera (right) and Dark Chapel of Silent Sanctum Manga keep things decidedly platonic! BUT FOR HOW LONG.

Benj and Mike hassle Aha Hule Komiks creator Greco Milambiling! Hands off the merchandise, nerds!

Sitting across from us (left to right): Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents creators AJ Bernardo and Noel Pascual, and Windmills creator Josel Nicolas stare creepily into the distance. Sadly, the pants stayed on the whole day. Why even get a table you guys!

Kapitan Tog creator Freely Abrigo gives his fan a thumbs up for the sweet, sweet papercraft of his titular character. Naturally, we stole it. SOMEDAY WE’LL HAVE FANS TOO, FREELY. And then we’ll see who gets cool stuff… freely.

We were told there’d be cosplayers but we don’t see HOLY SHIT DUDES— A KITTY

You can marvel some more at our awesome physiques over at the Melon Facebook page.

As advertised, The Road to GTMACCONPCPJHUST 2 was indeed a day filled with games, toys, manga, anime, cosplay (allegedly), comics, pantslessness, cats, professional jealousy, homoeroticism and unresolved sexual tension.

In other words: just another day in the life!


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