What’s on the table for Komikon Indieket

As we previously mentionedDrop Dead Dangerous will be at the 1st Komikon Indieket this July 14, so if you haven’t confirmed your attendance yet, now is the time!

                                                                                                  Early attendees will receive a free catalog listing all the comics available at the show courtesy of the organizers. Find out what else they’ve got here.

You can find us at table I15 hanging out with the fine gentlemen from Callous Comics and Work in Progress, so you’re definitely gonna wanna drop by! And since it’s near the entrance, you can’t miss it!

That said, here’s what we’ve got in store for you!
                                                                                                                                             The first three issues of Drop Dead Dangerous will be available with the entire team of Chad  Cabrera, Mike Banting and Sam Gungon on hand to sign them for you…                                         

…along with Team Tag Team creator Benj Bartolome whose first two issues come in the same books. You can get a preview of sorts for it below:

We’ll also be selling a pin-up collection called Melon we put together with a whole slew of artists from the Philippine independent scene. Take a look at the cover and list of contributors below, which should include some of your favorites! Many of them will also be at the Indieket and can readily sign your copies.

Some of the images from this collection will be sold as art prints (including this one) that we’ll gladly sign!

Lastly, some of our buyers will also receive a copy of Reset, a standalone comic by Benj and Mike, as a freebie to go with their purchases.

If that’s not enough, you can expect our co-exhibitors to bring more cool stuff to the table. After all, they’re only two of the most popular webcomics in the country!

                                                                           Aside from his books, Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan, creator of Callous, will be bringing some extra goodies which you can check out over at his blog.

So, there you have it! See you this Saturday!


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